Thoughts are like gremlins

Here is a hack for you to become excellent at managing your unhelpful thoughts

Thoughts are like gremlins….hear me out…

What are the 3 rules of how to take care of Gremlins?

  • Don’t get them wet or they’ll multiply into less cute, more annoying versions of themselves
  • Don’t feed them after midnight or they will turn into evil creatures
  • Bright light neutralises them

Much like gremlins, Thought is this creative tool of imagination, it’s fun, something to play with, something to keep you company and can be a good companion as long as you stick to the rules…

1/ Don’t get them wet

If you get a thought wet, if you really start entertaining it, obsess about it, believe it to be true. it will multiply. When we dwell on a thought, we make it real, it stops being just a playful fragment of our imagination and it becomes these multiple weird and slightly off versions of themselves.

It might start with “oh I wonder if there is enough money to pay the bills this month” and suddenly it multiplies into “will I be able to pay rent” “maybe I’ll end up homeless” “what if I never earn money ever again”. They don’t always turn dark but they expand, take more space than they need to and much like the multiplying gremlins become very disruptive and make it impossible to be productive or just get on with our days.

2/ Don’t feed them after midnight

Have you noticed how thoughts feel so much more threatening, real and scary when we entertain them when we are tired, hungry, in a low state of mind? Now let’s be clear on something. it’s not that we can control when we are having these thoughts, but knowing that our ability to resolve problems with perspective and a fresh outlook is limited when we our thinking is off, can allow us to keep thoughts at arms length in these moments and maybe go back to them when the sun rises again, when our moods lift and our mind clears.

3/ Brightlight neutralises them

Now, here is the golden rule, the one that makes the other two almost irrelevant, when we really manage to get a grasp at it. Much like gremlins, thoughts don’t like bright lights. Thoughts are nothing but our imagination taking place in the moment, they are powered by our creativity, power of assumption and deduction. That is what they always are, although we sometimes believe they are something other than imagination. We take them as truth. When you look directly at them, it’s like shining a bright light onto a movie screen. The movie won’t disappear but you can barely see it anymore, it dissolves in the light. Movies are like thoughts, they are games of light and shadow, and the more light the less shadow.

So give that a try, for a whole week try to respect these 3 simple rules and see how you feel by the end of it:

  • Not getting them wet : don’t hold onto them
  • Not feeding them after midnight: try not to entertain them and pay attention to them when you’re already a bit down
  • Most importantly remember that at any moment you hold the key to neutralising them. You can shine light onto them and see them for what they are. The creative power of thought comes to form, light and shadow, they have no substance of their own, no life of their own. If you look straight at them and see them for what they are, they will disappear.

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left Charlotte a 5 star review

September 29, 2022

Finding Charlotte on my path was a blessing, i am so grateful that i met her in a difficult time of my life. Nowadays if you don’t have connection, you can find hundreds of therapists on internet but finding the good one / the perfect match is priceless. She is very good, she knows what she does, she found quickly the red buttons and took my hand all along the sessions to make them turned green.

Steph Piercey
March 3, 2023

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience working with Charlotte. She was empathetic, patient and understanding the entire time. I was a little skeptical of hypnotherapy at first but had a breakthrough moment with her and now really see the benefits! I would recommend her to any one seeking out support

Félicie Escoffier
August 22, 2022

After an episode a few weeks ago where I lost my son at the park, I had unexpected reactions when I was with him. Basically, I was freaking out the same thing would happen again and had as well some flashback of the event. I decided to get in touch with Charlotte, to help me to get rid of this trauma. In one session, she used her magic and reprogrammed my memories of the event. I was a little bit scared to have to talk and relive the event but I have to say it was quite enjoyable. She helped me get rid of the fear linked to this traumatic event and she even helped me create positive memories about it. I was blown away how powerful her technique was. At the end of the session, I was feeling lighter, relieved and even happy! It gave me the chance to enjoy my time with my kids as nothing ever happened. Mind blowing. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Jennifer Syme
December 14, 2022

I won a session with Charlotte and it was the best prize I could have had. The session was calm and gentle. I felt like she was leading me by the hand to the places I needed to explore. Then a recording to listen to in bed, which helped me sleep. I will definitely book further sessions.

Antonia Fleming
December 9, 2022

I had never tried anything like this before and didnt have any expectations but Charlotte put me at ease before i had even met her. I got so much out of our session and felt so relaxed after. The aftercare is also excellent and gave me further help to continue the process and she has checked in with me to see how i have been doing. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Charlotte!

Caoimhe Creed
January 21, 2023

Charlotte has such a calming presence and is so knowledgable, I quickly felt comfortable and completely relaxed with her. She explained the psychology behind everything so clearly, which meant that I not only came away from our session knowing a lot more about myself but also the human brain! She also followed up with helpful, tailored advice. I would highly recommend everyone have a session with her.

Calli Bushell
August 31, 2022

Whenever I am struggling, Charlotte is always there to provide me with the tools I need to help me overcome these challenges or thoughts. She has made my sport enjoyable again and helped me make some tough decisions which I would still be putting off now!

fredrica Carlqvist
January 16, 2023

I feel lighter after talking to Charlotte. What I have noticed after my work with her is that don’t feel the same stress talking into a camera or to an audience anymore. I warmly recommend Charlotte to everyone that feel some kind of stress over something.

Charlotte was very professional throughout our sessions and made me feel totally at ease in both my environment and in myself emotionally. We spoke about things I would never have expected to in ways I was totally unfamiliar with, but the combination of uncertainty and Charly’s professionalism led to a switch in my head concerning something I have had insecurities about for a life time. I haven’t since thought about the sessions in depth, but their results will stay with me forever. Once again so happy to have been able to work with her and am endlessly thankful for the difference she made. I wish her all the best of luck in this exciting journey!