About Charlotte

Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner


  • Diploma in Cognitive hypnotherapy – The Quest institute
  • Diploma NLP practitioner – The Quest institute
  • Masters Degree in Neuroscience – Universite Paris VI

I’d rather we get to know each other via a conversation…but if you want to know more about me first, then here it is…

I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in my mid-thirties, based in London, and on a one-woman mission to help clients to take control of their behaviours, feelings and lives. The people I work with are international professionals from a wide variety of different sectors and industries. My role is to help them understand how their limiting beliefs, which feed their doubts and fears over time, can hinder them from reaching their true authentic self, and how letting go of these negative stories can allow them to maximize their own growth and development. That means, better relationships, better careers, better lives.


I previously spent twelve years working in Marketing for various high-profile companies, and I have myself battled with work-related stress, impostor syndrome, and self-doubt, which inevitably led to depression, anxiety and burnout. Whilst in the midst of all this, I did a lot of work on myself through Cognitive Hypnotherapy which allowed me to re-evaluate my priorities, understand where my fears and anxieties were really coming from, increase my emotional awareness, and then create new more positive patterns and beliefs, which led me to move on to a better story for myself.

My background in Neuroscience means that I am particularly interested in how the brain works and it’s essential to me that the techniques I use with my clients are supported by the latest neuroscience research. It’s important that they make sense to me, so that it can make sense to my clients.

Long gone are the days where hypnotherapy meant looking at a swinging pendulum whilst enigmatic words are whispered into your ear, hoping problems will magically disappear. We do none of that here. If you’re looking for a solution-focused therapy that will help you understand the how (how does this work?) and the what (what can I do now to make this change happen?), then you are in the right place – get in touch, let’s talk, I would love to help you with your journey.

She was fantastic at balancing her knowledge with empathy and kindness to create a space that felt held and supportive
Miztli, Actor / Yoga instructor, London
I was blown away by how powerful her technique was
Felicie Escoffier - Professional coach
I cannot recommend Charlotte enough, she has completely changed my life.
Stephanie, Talent acquisition Manager, London
I thought you as a therapist were excellent, I felt almost instantly comfortable with you.
Emma, Director of Crucomms, London
Working with Charlotte helped me in ways I never thought possible
James, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, London
The results will stay with me forever
Sarah, Artist, Los Angeles USA