A ground-breaking approach to Cognitive Hypnotherapy and life coaching to get you to achieve your goals

I help people all over the world who feel stuck and powerless to get out of their own way to achieve their goals and feel in control of their lives again, by creating, with them, new realities and a world without limitations.

Your path to success

If you are reading this perhaps you are not making the decisions and taking the actions to do the things that are important to you in life, to create the life you really want. Maybe you feel insecure and that holds you back. Maybe you are feeling left out in life. Maybe you just feel stuck. Sometimes we care too much about things such as what others think, or the stakes are too high and we are scared of failing. Taking things to heart can not only impact our ability to take the actions we want but also means we do things at the cost of our health and well-being. 

My name is Charlotte, I retrained in a whole new career to do something that’s true to me and my values, completely stepping out of my comfort zone and creating success. I lived through postpartum depression, self-doubt, and impostor syndrome before I realised I could go back to who I really was. Along that journey, I’ve had the chance to work with high-profile Cognitive Hypnotherapy mentors, coaches and companies. I discovered that when you let go of the fears you make up in your mind, you also lose the need for external validation, which in turn allows you to be courageous, and ambitious and enjoy every step of your growth and development.

I create intensive tailored programs that allow my clients to get out of their own way and be successful in everything they do, free from limitations and self-doubt. Thanks to some cutting-edge, powerful coaching and therapy technics I help my clients find resilience regardless of the circumstances, and not only reach their full potential but enjoy the process too.

Create a future without limitations

Charlotte Melki


Having been trained by the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester, and the world famous life coach trainer Jamie Smart opened a new chapter for me. It meant dedicating myself to helping others, and supporting them in their journey of growth and personal development. My mission is to help people unleash their potential, achieve their goals, and create a better, more balanced life for themselves.

The good news is no one is a lost cause, everyone can be helped, if they are committed to it, whether it’s your job, your relationships, your health or just an overwhelming feeling of chronic anxiety, you already hold the key to open the door that stands between you and your life…I am only here to help you find it.

I want you to commit to your personal growth

Personal development is...personal. For this reason, I create tailored programs for my clients. No protocols or cookie cutters - just what you need to make the changes you want. I will give you the tools to start living your life on your terms.

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I am here to help you reconnect with your inner peace, achieve your goals and unlock your potential.

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Jill Gray
Jill Gray

left Charlotte a 5 star review

Jill Gray
May 17, 2023

I can't thank Charlotte enough for the incredibly positive impact 6 weeks of sessions have had, it has been game changing. I had specific phobias and issues I was looking to deal with, but the tools and methods Charlotte used and has equipped me with have been far further reaching than the things I was looking for help with. When our original trajectory was interupted, Charlotte was compassionate and flexible, pivotting to address the new challenge. I'm able to handle so many things in a better way now, looking at them from a different perspective or understanding that I have the tools to manage. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!

Jennifer Syme
December 14, 2022

I won a session with Charlotte and it was the best prize I could have had. The session was calm and gentle. I felt like she was leading me by the hand to the places I needed to explore. Then a recording to listen to in bed, which helped me sleep. I will definitely book further sessions.

Ryan Lumsden
June 17, 2024

Charlotte is fantastic! Super knowledgeable, and also highly empathetic. She was able to help on several levels, and her warmth and humor also added greatly to all our interactions. I cant recommend her highly enough!

Hati A
July 1, 2024

I am still in therapy with Charlotte, and her approach, sessions, and techniques are unique compared to other therapists. Her guidance has been invaluable, teaching me to approach challenging situations from a new perspective. I deeply appreciate having met her.

Félicie Escoffier
August 22, 2022

After an episode a few weeks ago where I lost my son at the park, I had unexpected reactions when I was with him. Basically, I was freaking out the same thing would happen again and had as well some flashback of the event. I decided to get in touch with Charlotte, to help me to get rid of this trauma. In one session, she used her magic and reprogrammed my memories of the event. I was a little bit scared to have to talk and relive the event but I have to say it was quite enjoyable. She helped me get rid of the fear linked to this traumatic event and she even helped me create positive memories about it. I was blown away how powerful her technique was. At the end of the session, I was feeling lighter, relieved and even happy! It gave me the chance to enjoy my time with my kids as nothing ever happened. Mind blowing. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Steph Piercey
March 3, 2023

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience working with Charlotte. She was empathetic, patient and understanding the entire time. I was a little skeptical of hypnotherapy at first but had a breakthrough moment with her and now really see the benefits! I would recommend her to any one seeking out support

Anikó Lukáč
January 12, 2024

I was really struggling to find a good therapist, but I was lucky enough to find her. I worked with Charlotte a several months ago. She not just helped me with my anxiety , but she also showed me amazing techniques to apply. I've never felt this confident in my entire life before as now, thanks to her programme. If you are looking for someone, who's gonna be beside you in your hardest times, don't look further, she's the best!

Antonia Fleming
December 9, 2022

I had never tried anything like this before and didnt have any expectations but Charlotte put me at ease before i had even met her. I got so much out of our session and felt so relaxed after. The aftercare is also excellent and gave me further help to continue the process and she has checked in with me to see how i have been doing. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Charlotte!

September 29, 2022

Finding Charlotte on my path was a blessing, i am so grateful that i met her in a difficult time of my life. Nowadays if you don’t have connection, you can find hundreds of therapists on internet but finding the good one / the perfect match is priceless. She is very good, she knows what she does, she found quickly the red buttons and took my hand all along the sessions to make them turned green.

Caoimhe Creed
January 21, 2023

Charlotte has such a calming presence and is so knowledgable, I quickly felt comfortable and completely relaxed with her. She explained the psychology behind everything so clearly, which meant that I not only came away from our session knowing a lot more about myself but also the human brain! She also followed up with helpful, tailored advice. I would highly recommend everyone have a session with her.

fredrica Carlqvist
January 16, 2023

I feel lighter after talking to Charlotte. What I have noticed after my work with her is that don’t feel the same stress talking into a camera or to an audience anymore. I warmly recommend Charlotte to everyone that feel some kind of stress over something.

chanah debson
May 15, 2024

I’ve had the privilege of working with Charlotte and I can't recommend her highly enough. Her empathy, insight, and professionalism created a safe and supportive space for me to explore and grow. Her guidance has been invaluable in my journey towards healing and self-discovery. If you're looking for someone who truly cares and can help you navigate life's challenges, both personally and professionally then look no further Charlotte is an excellent choice. I am truly grateful for how she has helped me make changes and be the best version of myself. Thank you Charlotte!!

Dimitrios Danousis
January 6, 2024

I worked with Charlotte on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. Her gentle guidance allowed me to delve into the depths of my thoughts and emotions, uncovering aspects of myself that needed attention. Charlotte's expertise in self-improvement has been truly empowering. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a path of self-discovery and positive change.

Nehal Shukla
February 21, 2024

Have been working with Charlotte from the past few months now. It started of as a journey towards self esteem and confidence. The sessions and exercises given by her really helped me find myself again. The improvement was not only in mental state but also physically, I have a glow i cant seem to get rid off. Her calming presence make the process so much easier. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support.

Rudi Michael
April 29, 2024

Words can’t describe how great full I am for Charlotte.. She got me through the most turmoil stage in my life, it amazed me how after speaking to somebody who knows nothing about you can really know you inside out in such a short space of time. The world needs more people like her in it.. she’s amazing ✔️

Calli Bushell
August 31, 2022

Whenever I am struggling, Charlotte is always there to provide me with the tools I need to help me overcome these challenges or thoughts. She has made my sport enjoyable again and helped me make some tough decisions which I would still be putting off now!

Charlotte was very professional throughout our sessions and made me feel totally at ease in both my environment and in myself emotionally. We spoke about things I would never have expected to in ways I was totally unfamiliar with, but the combination of uncertainty and Charly’s professionalism led to a switch in my head concerning something I have had insecurities about for a life time. I haven’t since thought about the sessions in depth, but their results will stay with me forever. Once again so happy to have been able to work with her and am endlessly thankful for the difference she made. I wish her all the best of luck in this exciting journey!