I worked with Charlotte over the course of several months to address some deep-seated and lifelong confidence issues. I also needed help coping with Mast cell disorders symptoms. 

Her brain retraining work is cutting-edge, and you can see how passionate she is for her work. Charlotte is compassionate and dedicated, and she always made me feel like a partner in the work we did together. Since working together, I have felt a demonstrable change in how I interact with the world, and I feel much more peaceful and centered in my day-to-day. She has some amazing techniques that really work to get to the root of a problem, and she gave me some much needed, though gentle, tough love that I desperately needed to hear!

I can’t recommend Charlotte highly enough; she is kind, caring, and so incredibly smart and up to date on all the latest neuro-research. I believe we are just on the cusp of understanding what cognitive hypnotherapy can do for us, and I’m so glad to have found such a committed, thoughtful practitioner in Charlotte.