Firstly, I’d like to say thank you so much, I genuinely feel there’s been a difference in my life before the sessions and after. I was surprised at how much I learnt (I’m a bit stubborn and assume I know everything) and found the science behind it all really interesting. It made sense in my mind logically which I think helped the process for me a lot. When I have negative thoughts now or a crisis of confidence, I straight away make the distinction between the negative thought and the limited belief, which definitely helps in times of turmoil. I’ve really tried to reposition how opportunities come into my life, so that they are exciting as opposed to daunting. I think that in itself shows what a positive experience it has been and the impact it will have on my life moving forward.

I really enjoyed your recordings that you shared with me after each session and definitely want to carry on listening to them. It’s a really nice way to enjoy some meditation and reflection at the end of each day

I thought you as a therapist were excellent, I felt almost instantly comfortable with you.